Career in Aviation

Career in Aviation
Do you love to experience the fun of crossing the continents through planes then Aviation is the correct profession for you. Aviation is the greatest proof that created the will power for humans to achieve impossible things.  Aviation is one of the most important parts of society. Traveling from one continent to another has become very easy and faster through airlines.  Airlines are one of the better paid and attractive jobs which most of the youngsters wish to be a part of this industry. When you think or speak about Aviation or airlines our minds almost revolve around pilots and flight attendants or about the officers in the immigration department. Well, this industry offers numerous career opportunities for various skills, backgrounds, and interests.
In simple you can define aviation as the activities that revolve around the aircraft industry, flights or you can say Aviation is the practical art of the aeronautics.  Starting from plan to development, manufacturing, and operation, flying to repair the aircraft everything comes under aviation.
Are you ready to build your career in aviation? What do you want to become according to your interest pilot, or air traffic controller, or engineer or flight attendant? Here are the few important things you must know before choosing a career in aviation.
Qualities you need to make a career in aviation
·         Perfect communication skills, communication is one of the important qualities that every professional in airlines should develop. You must develop the ability to convey your messages and ideas in front of your team in an effective way.
·         Critical thinking and problem-solving skill are really important for any aviation professional. Well, this is the most rewarding career as you need to face problems anytime and anywhere. So you need effective problem-solving skills.
·         Positive attitude in airlines you will have to face both shiny days as well as dark nights so whatever it is remaining positive is really good.
·         Honestly is the most important thing in the Aviation industry because your every action is connected with many lives.  Never show carelessness in your profession and be loyal to your team members, yourself and aviation law.

 Advantages of a career in Aviation
·         Aviation is the best profession for travel lovers. You will get the opportunity to travel worldwide and this is the most important and primary advantage that you will hear from the people who are in this industry. Whether you fly an aircraft or not, still you will get attractive discounts for flight booking to the popular destinations of the world.
·         Airlines employees can travel for free in some industries or they can travel for the negligible price.
·         You will get the chance to meet new and different type of people every time
·         In airlines, you are ensured with continuous development. You will also get the chance to attend career development programs and training sessions for free.
·         The department will provide you the workshops and equipment which is helpful for you to build your career for the next level.
·         Attractive salary packages for every professional
·         A better lifestyle, if you think that you have to work hard to get attractive packages then you are totally wrong. Almost every airline makes sure that its employees are enjoying their life in and out of their work.
·         Airlines provide health support for you and your family too.

Top 9 aviation universities where you can make a 
bright career
·         Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi
·         Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur
·         Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering and information, Pune
·         A.J.Aviation Academy, Bangalore
·         Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
·         Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Hyderabad
·         Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore
·         Wings college of aviation technology, Pune
·         Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics- Ahmedabad


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