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India's Best Travel Bloggers - Top 10

India's Best Travel Bloggers - Top 10 Travel Bloggers have such a fascinating job isn't it? Exploring new destinations. Trying various delicious dishes. Meeting different people. It's like living a dream. But somewhere we all forget how these Travel Bloggers struggled inorder to live this dream life. Today, I'm going to talk about the famous yet amazing Indian Travel Bloggers and their journey. 1. Lakshmi Sharath She started her blog in 2005 as a platform to share her travel experiences. From a passion, this bog became her profession. She has traveled over 25 countries and over 5 continents so far. She is now a story teller and you can find her voice on her blog. She has also worked with over 50 clients including Tourism Boards, Airlines & Hospitality partners, Travel sites, Technology & Mobile Clients, Auto & Lifestyle brands. Her blog has won several accolades including winning the Indibloggies - India's best travel blog of the year. It has a