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Career after Graduation

Career after Graduation If you had clarity in your mind about what do you want to pursue in life, you wouldn't have asked this question, so for people who don't have clarity in their mind about what they wanna do in their life you can possibly  Find a field you find interesting and improve your skills in it Go for higher studies. It's always a good option. Find a job that suits your profile annd start your Career If you're not interested in corporate jobs or higher studies, you can prepare for Govt. jobs. Serve your nation If you're more interested in Business you can purse M.B.A or start a Busines After Graduation, you have two options. First is to get a job and second is to do a PG Course. In the first option, you struggle to find a job and still get only around 2 Lacs p.a. When compared to more qualified colleagues, you will always lag behind the promotions queue. Once you are used to earning money, chances of going back to study mode are very low. If

A1 Cabs Services Book My Car Taxi Indore

Book My Car Taxi Indore  9826308899 AirTel 9109228280 6232509990 Idea 8959850750 8958910310 A1 Cabs Services Book My Car Taxi Indore Vehicle Name         Capacity             Rates Indica Vista           4+1 9.00 Rs/km      2250 Indigo cs               4+1 10.00 Rs/ km   2500 Swift Dzire           4+1 11.00 Rs/Km     2750 Toyota Etios         4+1 12.00 Rs/Km    3000 Tavera                  9+1 12.00 Rs/ km    3000 Innova                  6+1 14.00 Rs/km     3500 Crysta                  6+1 16.00 Rs/km     4000 Vehicle Rates for Min 250 KM Average per day. Call 98 26 30 88 99 910 922 82 80 62 32 50 9990 89 59 850 750 89 59 810 310 www.Portra