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Palces to Visit in Ujjain

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The best and most important attraction of Ujjain is the Mahakaleshwar Temple which is situated on the banks of the Shipra River (it is a Jyotirlinga and one of the most sacred places.)  Since the Kumbh Mela is held once in 12 years on the banks of the Shipra River.  

Since, for us Ujjaini Mahakal is everything God, protector. So there is only 1 king for us and Lord Shiva is Mahakal. Therefore no other king can stay in Ujjain for the night, he / she is the Semi or the PM or the Speaker. Ujjain is not ruled by King Vikramaditya from outside Ujjain. Isn't it interesting?
And as Mahakal is king and Gadkalika is queen and Kalabhairava is the protector of Ujjain. Gadkalika temple is behind the Mahakal temple. As Kalabhairava has an interesting story that he drinks alcohol. Yes, they d…

Neeraj Sood, German Speaker

Neeraj Sood, A fluent German speaker, has been living in Berlin, Germany since 2002. Over a period of 16 years he has acquired an excellent command over German Language. Neeraj has studied German Language from Goethe Institute, Berlin.

He has worked in the hospitality sector in Berlin treating all visitors as guests. Neeraj has endeavored to immerse clients in truly Indian experiences, always accompanied by warm hospitality, insight and humor.

Being a German Resident and a Permanent Residency holder, He has a thorough understanding of the European way of life. 
So he knows exactly what clients expect and enjoy in India, and ensures that this is integrated into their travel. Due some Family issues, Neeraj has now moved to India and would like to extend his tremendous services on German Language skills to Hotels, Travel Agents, Tour Operators as a Tour guide/ Translator for the Germans Visiting India to make their visit to India remarkable and unforgettable.

Neeraj Sood German Language Exper…

Make your life happy

लोगों को प्रायः एक दूसरे से शिकायत रहती ही है। 
People often complain to each other.

Because the poor way of thinking is not known.

You will see that people always keep condemning each other.

This person has this defect, he has this defect.

I have even heard that some people have formed clubs which are named,

Let's condemn the other.

That is to say, the people of the world continue to condemn others and remain unhappy with them.

Because they only see their faults and shortcomings.

Many people are waiting for such an opportunity that if there is any fault of others, then we blackmail them.

Due to this idea, the poor people remain unhappy all day, and cannot get out of the condemnation.

This also has an impact on their relationship.

When you see or see someone's faults, then it is natural for him that you will lose respect.

Love and goodwill will also decrease.

If you are looking for someone who does not have a single flaw, there is not a single deficiency.

So maybe you will not find such a pe…


प्रतिभा ईश्वर से मिलती है,
नतमस्तक रहें..!
ख्याति समाज से मिलती है,
आभारी रहें..!
मनोवृत्ति और घमंड स्वयं से मिलते हैं,
सावधान रहें..!!                                                                                                                                               कभी आशा की "खुशी"
कभी निराशा का "गम",
कभी कुछ खोने का दुख,
कभी कुछ पाने की आशा,
शायद यही है,
जिन्दगी की"परिभाषा"।

Worksheet Day 29

Name : Archan Shweta Dept   : HR
Worksheet Day 29

11-12 = Make a List of all   Travel Agents  [ email Only ]  12-1 Send the following email to all Travel Agents  in India and abroad
4-5 =  Make an Article on   Best  Places To Visit in Karnataka See Sample
5-6 =  Give 5 Star App Review for following App

After Every Hr's Task please email to ALL eMail Ids

Places to Visit in Indore

●Places to Visit in Indore
●How to Reach Indore
●Hotels In Indore
●Best Time to Visit Indore
●Public Transport
● Indore Gare
● Jhanki of Ganesh Chaturdashi
●Picnic Spots
●Educational Institutes
●Indorie Language
● Places to Visit in Indore:
●How to Reach Indore
●Hotels In Indore
● Climate in Indore
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● Nearby Places

● Indore
It is clean Every inch of this city is clean. No city in South Asia is as clean.
The fact that every person in Indore speaks the purest form of Hindi in the most advanced vowel (or) pronounced). Like, Mumbaikars speak their own Marathi-mixed Hindi, Gujarati speak Gujarati-toned Hindi, even People in Hindi speaking states like Rajasthan, UP, Delhi and Bihar have their own pronunciation. Indoris talk like
The Hindi you want to listen to, you want that person to speak.
The city is not overcrowded, even people from all states, races, communities.
That city bus is available at every minute stop. Public transport is very good.
There is a specific route for ib…