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Must Do Things While Visiting Hills

Blog By Pallavi Bose  You are always asked by your traveller friend that are you a hill person or are you a beaches person? Well, for me I personally love hills. As hills are the perfect secluded and silent spot which is quite far away from your city hustle and bustle and provides peace and satisfaction to your soul. And India has got really beautiful hidden hill stations. Thus, you can easily explore at a quite low budget. Thus, let’s have a look at some of the must do things while visiting hill stations – 1.Try Local Cuisine – Local Cuisine of hill stations is something really interesting and they are made with local indigenous food with no adulteration. Thus, you should definitely try your hand at such local food because what you get in the city is mixed and fertilizer enriched food. 2.Breathe Freely – This is the first and foremost thing you should do while visiting hills. You need to breathe freely as in hills you will get one of the most fresh and healthy air. Thus, you can breathe …

Aashita Sabharwal

Aashita Sabharwal is a 20 year old girl, studying English Honours and is in her final year. 
She is adventurous and love to travel around. Her hobbies include dancing, Eating, Playing Sports, Art&Craft and making sketches. She has her interest in makeup and fashion industry as well. She also has her newly found interest in reading books. She is full of enthusiasm and energy. Whatever she does, she does it with great passion and interest. She is planning to do MBA in HR after completing her graduation. She also takes coaching classes of classes 11th and 12th. She also likes to make new friends, chat with people amd make contacts. She loves exploring new places and visit different places. She finds joy in traveling.  She is soft hearted and likes helping others. She is a keen observer. She makes a great friend and an honest companion.
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Shivani Shivhare

Shivani Shivhare is young girl who lives in National Capital Region in Greater Noida. She has done schooling from her hometown i.e, Atarra that is UP. She is excellent in academics and used to top the class since schooling. Currently she is pursuing Btech from CSE trade from Galgotias Unuversity.   She is very calm and polite. She believes that learning from the mistakes is ones greatest creativity and she possess this creativity. She likes to involve int conversations and firmly puts her point of view without any hesitation. Apart from this she is a quick learner. She has a helping hand

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MAHIMA VIJ   is one of those girls who like to be on top! Not in looks but in all prospects she wanna be on top/ She is a girl with beautiful heart and happiness on her face!  She is a fun loving girl !!  Done her schooling from hans raj model school and now studying fom JESUS AND MARY COLLEGE. Persuading Healthcare management* Being a DELHI GIRL SHE also very enthusiastic . There are many people living in world having different personalities. She is the personality which makes everyone unique and different from others. 
She is very responsible and sympathetic person. She always help others and try her best to solve their problems. She is self-centred woman and has full focus on her work. Some interests She has got are; reading books, wacthing movies, dancing, eating delicious food!! As for now She is only focusing on her career. She is being true herself with the values, dreams and goals that she have.... She wanna be HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) So she has started working for that post  
She has been w…