Must Do Things While Visiting Hills

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You are always asked by your traveller friend that are you a hill person or are you a beaches person? Well, for me I personally love hills. As hills are the perfect secluded and silent spot which is quite far away from your city hustle and bustle and provides peace and satisfaction to your soul. And India has got really beautiful hidden hill stations. Thus, you can easily explore at a quite low budget.
Thus, let’s have a look at some of the must do things while visiting hill stations –
1.       Try Local Cuisine – Local Cuisine of hill stations is something really interesting and they are made with local indigenous food with no adulteration. Thus, you should definitely try your hand at such local food because what you get in the city is mixed and fertilizer enriched food.
2.       Breathe Freely – This is the first and foremost thing you should do while visiting hills. You need to breathe freely as in hills you will get one of the most fresh and healthy air. Thus, you can breathe freely and this will immensely benefit your lungs. And trust us you are going to miss this while you are back in your city life.
3.       Photography – If you are one of those photography enthusiasts then hill stations are the perfect spot for you. Try to capture the beautiful memories with your camera and keep them preserved in your lifetime. Of course you can capture the fun times also you spent at the hill station with your family and friends.
4.       Trek – Trekking is one of the most fun adventures that you can try at the hills. There are some sunset and sunrise spots at every hill stations from where you will get a beautiful view. Thus, make sure that you get indulged in or other trekking excursion the next time when you travel to hills.
5.       Flora and Fauna – Hill Stations have quite rich flora and fauna and it’s really beautiful. Thus, have a closer look at this flora and fauna and have a barefoot walk in these parks and plantations. You can fill the fresh dew on your legs and this will be a quite reliving experience in total.


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