SHIVANGI SINGH-She is a small town girl with very big dreams.She does not only know how to see those big dreams of her but she also knows how to make them come true through her utmost hardwork,dedication and passionate behaviour. She is a gogetter. She has got a never give up attitude within herself. She likes to gain knowledge and experience from every aspects of her life and from other's lives too. She loves to explore her own skills from time to time.She learns from her own mistakes as she believes in the saying "SOMETIMES WE WIN AND SOMETIMES WE LEARN". She also believes in the fact that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD BECAUSE EVEN IMPOSIIBLE SAYS,'I'-'M'-POSSIBLE".
She belongs to PATNA which is the capital city of BIHAR. She is pursuing B.TECH from CSE branch from GEETA ENGINEERING COLLEGE,PANIPAT,DELHI-NCR.Her hobby is SINGING.She just loves singing cause she considers singing as the outburst of her feelings.She wants to make her parents proud of herself by acieving something very big and different and she knows it very well that she can do it.She is very proud to call herself a BIHARI.
She doesn't care what people think about Biharis as she knows what actual Bihar is and what is its proud and great history and rich heritage and culture.Her biggest ideal and inspiration is her mother. She is her first and foremost teacher and a best friend.She can do anything to make her smile and say,"I'm proud of u beta."


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