Brishti Mukherjee

Brishti is the name that describes this incredible woman the best. The name signifies rain, and like that she touches lives and changes them and along with that she possesses the zeal and determination and untamed energy that of thunder and lightning.
She has a very lively helpful personality and pursued her schooling from St. Xavier’s School, Mumbai. School was the place which brought out the best within her and she was at her peak at that time. She was intelligent as well as had a plethora of extra curriculars. She was an excellent debater and excelled in sports also being a three-time state level champion in relay and various other sports.

She possessed a never-ending passion for social work. Helping people brought her mind an innate sense of satisfaction and peace.
She volunteered with various NGOs’ and held a position of respect in Shiv Sena. She travelled to various remote places educating handicapped children and providing medical aid to the aged and frail people of the villages. Her alma mater was Mumbai University from where she graduated and did an MBA in Public relation. She was motivated and inspired to pursue a career of her interest in public relations and in the 17 years of work life she worked for many reputed organizations like ModiXerox Maruti, Countrywide, SCB Citigroup, Oxford global bookstore, Alliance Matrimony. She equally devoted time for her family and she raised two beautiful daughters who turned out to be great human being following in their mother’s footsteps. She has always been a fighter and went through all the hurdles thrown at her in her life with her held high. 

Both the daughters in her life came in as angels and changed her life. They have been her constant lifeline and support. Her husband also is a successful professional and is currently working in Malaysia holding a very respected and high position in a globally reputed company. Her husband’s success didn’t undermine her to pursue her passions and career. Last but not the least, she is a complete woman fulfilling her duties as a mother, a wife and a professional and like all other working women who strives hard to make the world a better place with her affection and love.

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