Mandrita Ghosh

Mandrita is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at George college, Kolkata. She teaches film criticism, amongst other media studies staple,  herself being a film nut. She had sometimes worked in different capacities in documentaries and shorts, sometimes curated her students' and friends' photo exhibitions, sometimes wrote scripts. She has dabbled in Indian classical vocals and Tagore songs; she has also dabbled in jewellery, kurti and sari designs.
She is an English graduate and Journalism and Mass Communications post graduate. She is conversant in film editing idioms, having formal training in that field as well. 

Mandrita started her career as freelancer in a few Kolkata based dailies, later she joined Panchayat and Rural development Ministry of West Bengal as a Communication Officer. While working there she mastered in producing radio capsules for All India Radio. It was part of her job as Communication Officer. 

In George College she teaches Film Studies, Journalistic Writing, Basics of print and television Journalism and basics of Film making.
She is a traveller, a foodie and the restless mother of a restive six-year-old. She believes in fighting against the odds to achieve her goals. She says: 'Dream; and believe in them.' 

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