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Traveling on a Flight with a Toddler By Sushmita Naha Dhar

Traveling on a Flight with a Toddler By  Sushmita Naha Dhar #Calcutta Airport #Indigo Traveling with a toddler on a Flight is going to be hectic if there is no planning and mismanagement. Here are some tips from Sushmita, a mother who recently boarded a Flight with her 14 months old. 1.       Early Morning flights: Parents with toddlers must choose a Flight in the early morning as the airports were less crowded at that time. There is usually less delay in taking offs and landings. 2.       Dress the baby wisely: Parents should keep in mind that the temperatures change drastically on flights. Here, Sushmita is sharing her experience when she boarded the flight, the temperature rose higher, and the kid started to feel uncomfortable. The toddler wore some uncomfortable clothes which were difficult to put off at that time. So, the parents need to dress the kid properly, they need to avoid zip and buttons. They can go for comfortable layers. 3.       Carry dry foods: Kids never eat proper

TRIP TO UAE By @Himanshi Agrawal

TRIP TO UAE By @ Himanshi Agrawal  The United Arab Emirates , regularly known as the U.A.E., is a federation of 7 emirates at the Japanese facet of the Arabian peninsula, at the doorway to the Persian Gulf. It has coastlines at the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia to the west and southwest, Oman to the southeast, the Japanese tip of the Musandam Peninsula, and an Omani enclave inside its borders.  WHAT IS THE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION? It has a unique strategic location, which borders the Gulf of Oman and overlooks the southern method to the Strait of Hormuz , an essential transit factor for international oil. The land borders of the U.A.E. general 867 kilometers, 410 with Oman, and 457 with Saudi Arabia. Its shoreline is 1,318 kilometers long. HOW TO REACH THE PLACE?  Flying is simply an excellent manner to attain Dubai from India. The Dubai International Airport is large and reputed to be the busiest U.A.E. There are numerous direct flights to Dubai from Indian towns

GUIDE TO TURKEY By Himanshi Agrawal

  GUIDE TO TURKEY  By Himanshi Agrawal  Turkey is a magical place – a sky complete with warm air balloons, a cityscape hatted with minarets, domes and bell towers , alpine pastures, thermal warm springs , golden beaches , underwater ruins, and mountain gorges. WHAT IS THE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION? Turkey has a shoreline at the Mediterranean Sea in the south and east and at the Black Sea in the north. It borders Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan (on the exclave of Nakhchivan) in the east, Georgia within the northeast, Bulgaria and Greece within the northwest, and Iraq and Syria withinside the southeast. Turkey covers a place of 783,562 km². HOW TO REACH THE PLACE? As with all global destinations, the maximum apparent manner of attaining Turkey is thru flight. Atatürk Airport is nicely linked to towns and Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, leveraging the potential of virtually two hundred million passengers. It is located in the European aspect of Istanbul, with th

GUIDE TO THAILAND By Himanshi Agrawal

GUIDE TO THAILAND  By Himanshi Agrawal  Traveling to Thailand, an area proud of history and Buddhism , gives a perception of the combat to preserve it is beyond even as a booming economic system beckons. Often referred to as the " land of smiles ," there is a great deal to provide to the tourists in this stunning and bustling country. Thailand is constantly welcoming despite receiving hordes of travelers all year-round.  WHAT IS THE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION?  Thailand sits withinside the center of Southeast Asia. It stocks a border with Myanmar to the north and west, Laos to the north and east, and Cambodia to the east. With a populace of 70,060,790, Thailand is split into seventy-six political provinces, with Bangkok being the political, commercial, industrial, and educational and enjoyment capital.  WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL?  The excellent time to go to Thailand is withinside the dry season—from November to April, temperatures are more relaxed, and you may anticipate pi