Traveling on a Flight with a Toddler By Sushmita Naha Dhar

Traveling on a Flight with a Toddler

By  Sushmita Naha Dhar

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Traveling with a toddler on a Flight is going to be hectic if there is no planning and mismanagement. Here are some tips from Sushmita, a mother who recently boarded a Flight with her 14 months old.

1.       Early Morning flights: Parents with toddlers must choose a Flight in the early morning as the airports were less crowded at that time. There is usually less delay in taking offs and landings.

2.       Dress the baby wisely: Parents should keep in mind that the temperatures change drastically on flights. Here, Sushmita is sharing her experience when she boarded the flight, the temperature rose higher, and the kid started to feel uncomfortable. The toddler wore some uncomfortable clothes which were difficult to put off at that time. So, the parents need to dress the kid properly, they need to avoid zip and buttons. They can go for comfortable layers.

3.       Carry dry foods: Kids never eat properly. They can get hungry at any point in time and start screaming. So, it’s always a good idea to carry dry foods such as snacks, biscuits, cakes and many more.

4.       Screen videos: Kids have a very small span of attention. Especially, toddlers find no interest in almost anything. They want to explore. But exploring Flight gets a bit difficult. To keep them engaged, the parents can take the help of some kids’ videos and keep them involved.

5.       Nap Time: There is nothing more comforting than the child having their naptime during a flight. If a child falls asleep during flying, then the parents also can breathe a sigh of relief.

6.       Stay Hygienic: The parents need to be very careful of what the babies are touching. At this age, the babies almost put everything in their mouths, so parents need to be very careful about this. They need to sanitize the seats, handles, and everything which comes in touch with the child.

7.       Aisle Seat, A Big No, No! The child is not supposed to sit in the Aisle seat, as foods and beverages pass from there, so it’s very dangerous that the hot food items might fell on the little hands.

8.       Kid-Friendly Airlines: It would be best if the parents can choose a kid-friendly airline. Those airlines provide the favourite show of the kids and give kid-friendly headphones. These are designed to keep the kids happy and safe while flying.

Sushmita Naha Dhar [Honors and MA  in English]

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