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Best Career Guide
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From the idea to finally the publishing of  Book could not have been possible without all the team members of  AeroSoft Corp and the Pilots who are serving the Aviation and Education Industry all Over.  Best Career Guide is the outcome of all the queries that comes to us on daily basis regarding the career in different Industry and more importantly various  training. And so we decided to answer all the questions and give all possible useful information to help you make decision by our book.
We are  grateful to all Captains, Captain Simmi Bhullar, Captain Ankisha Awasthi, Captain Yashika Mahajan, Captain Viral Das Delta Airlines USA, Captain Hamza, Captain Pulkit Gupta, Captain Prashant, Captain Monika, Captain Monu Khanna, Captain Rashmi Air India, Captain Manish Thakur of Jet Airways, Captain Sameer Tiwari, Captain Faizal Ali Khan, Captain Divyesh Patel, Captain Paula, Captain Azam Khan, Captain Devi Prasad Shetti Captain Bhaskar Pant of Buddha Air Nepal, Captain Mark Tube, Captain Somesh Bhatnagar, Captain Devi Prasad  for making the publication of this book possible.
We deeply thank our team members at AeroSoft Corp and Mission To Canada who believed in us and supported us in all possible means.  All Pilots from more than 200 Flight Schools who gave us Information to be shared here. Aruna Sharma, Poonam Sharma, Ankita Paruthi, Ria Shisodia, Seema Chauhan thank you for your dedicated work. We also thank few industry people Poonam Jacob of Indigo, Shital Upare of Singapore Airlines,  Komal Soni of Air India,  Khushi Damania Cabin Crew Indigo to keep us motivating and constantly keeping us updated about the Airline Industry.

With the education becoming the base of future, choosing a right career option is like laying the foundation block to anyone’s life. Traditional options available are easy to pursue for reason you have been hearing a lot about them already and the information related to it are most easily accessible.  After all it is not hard to find which college to choose for a Bachelors  Degree and a Masters Degree in Commerce, Business Studies, Finance, and Human Resource, what are the requirements for every course and the procedure to get enrolled.
The actual problem comes in taking the road less traveled,  Pursuing the Career that is not taken by every third  individual, like Dreaming to becoming an Airline Commercial Pilot. Across the world there are thousands of Flying Training Academies providing Commercial Pilot Training to starters but none counseling center to Guide these young aspirants about the immense Paper work like Medical requirement, Theory papers, Conversion papers, different specific requirements for each Pilot Certifications and more.
This book must successfully attempts in throwing light to all the above aspects and most importantly highlights the Job Prospects of Pilots in the industry in countries specifically like, Australia, Philippines, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and India.
I am Flying with Jet Airways India Limited as Senior Commander having more than 10000 Hrs of Flying on many different types of Aircrafts. I had the problem when I wanted to become a Pilot. I was the 1st Generation Pilot in my family. No One was there to guide me “How to Become a Pilot”

Captain Pulkit Gupta
Sr. Commander  [ Boeing 737 ]
Jet Airways I  Ltd

Table of Contents

S. No.
Motivational Speech
Career Counselling service for class 10th
What's Next after class 10th
Career couselling service for class 12th
Career after graduation- IF ANY RESEARCHPOSSIBLE
Career after professional studies
Career couselling centers in India

Impact of Stories- NOT REQUIRED
Inspirational stories
Competative Exam calendars
Engineering entrance exam
Medical Entrance Exam
Management Entrance Exam
Law Entrance Exam
Design Entrance Exam
CA Entrance Exam
Mass Comm Entrance Exam
Tourism and Hotel Management Entrance Exam
Pilot training
Airhostess training
Online courses
Study Abroad and Education loan
Study in USA
Study in Australia
Study in Canada
Study in Europe
Study in New Zealand
Study In Hong Kong
Career in Start Ups
Work from home
All the best page

Very few Education Institutes and Traditional Careers like engineering, science graduates, medical And Chartered accountants etc. are the options that still prevail but with growing awareness and knowledge these career options have grown vastly – like Civil Aviation Sector.
Aviation - the very word reminds us of a Pilot dressed in crisp and Smart Pilots Uniform, Flying the big giant Bird with Elegance and Flying Skill. 
Pilot Training involves certain number of Flying hours to be completed with Night Landing, Instrument Rating [ IR], Pilots Medical Requirements, Multi Engine Rating [ MEL ] theory papers etc. followed by conversion papers if  Flying done  outside your own country.  All these requirements are not that simple as it looks like, and so we attempt to cater all such necessary information in detail for all the aspirants who wants to have an Aviation Career in the leading Civil Aviation Industry.
This book attempts in answering all general questions that pop ups as soon as one chose to select a Career path like-
Whether Aviation is fit or not?
What are the basic Requirements and Eligibility criteria of becoming an Airline or Corporate Commercial Pilot ?
What all courses one needs to study in the course of becoming a Pilot?
Which is the best known Flight Training School or Flying Clubs?
What would be the approx Overall Fee structure and financing facility available? And most importantly, the books enlightens –
·       The true picture of the current Pilots Job scenario across the Globe
·       The areas other than Airlines that have Pilots Job Opportunities
·       Best attempt to get a Pilots Jobs
·       Assistance in an Airlines Interview Questions.

Capt Shekhar Gupta 

Shekhar is a Professional Pilot with more than 8 years experience of Flying on 14 different types of Aircrafts in 10 different countries with accident free Flying record. Shekhar is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground class for Pilots. Shekhar started his Flying career from Skycabs [Colombo] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different part of the world. He trained more than 350 Pilots who are Flying worldwide. He is a member of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society. Before Editing this book Shekhar personally visited more than Top
 200 Aviation Academies from more than 15 different countries.
Shekhar is a frequent Flyer on AA, Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emerites, Ethihad, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and many more. Shekhar is an active member of  a micro Business Mission set up by Govt. of Canada and Air Transport Association of Canada.  His recent passion is Aviation Blogging and Aviation SEO for which he takes classes for IIT & IIM students in India and other Pilots from different countries in abroad.  Shekhar is a Published Author of many Books "Pilot Career Guide" “Cabin Crew Career Guide” “Be An Aviator Not A Pilot”  “Aviation Motivational Quotes” At the same time he is a blogger and writes for many Motivational Blogs.
You can also grab copy of her book by going through Amazon :

Shina Kalra  
Shina Kalra is a Passionate and Goal Oriented budding Author.  She laughs with everyone and makes everyone smile. She is one positive soul who can fill the environment with positivity. She loves to pen down her thoughts and can make anything beautiful with her words.
Shina  is one gem of a person whose presence and words can change anyone's life. She is calm and composed and at the same time self driven girl. If she plans on achieving something then makes sure she  gets it. At the same time she is very humble and helpful. Shina is  passionate about making writing as her Career. Shina is a Published Author of book "What's Next?" At the same time she is a blogger and writes for Womens Chapter.
She has also worked as a model. She is both beauty with brain and as well said by someone beauty is only appreciated if it comes with brain. Shina would continue to write and make stories which can touch people's heart and continue to be unforgettable and limitless.
To know more about her writing you can also check links of her Blogs:
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You can also grab copy of her book by going through Amazon :
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 Your  Career Starts Here

Dear Aspirants,
Wishing You a Very Happy Take Off!
Choosing a career option to be pursued requires a lot of research work that includes the future possibility, requirements, duration, and the investment needed. And knowing about all this information is the first step to accomplish since this act as a basis for the decision. The book is a one stop shop for all the young aspirants who wish to make a career in the field.
Becoming an Airline Pilot is one of the fascinating options available; this book helps you to have a clear picture of it.
We have included this section to help and explain the Pilot's opportunities and after that how to get about with their future plans. We have also thought it prudent to include some of the many pitfalls or setbacks that await the financially unwary in what is otherwise a very loving and passionate Profession. Every country has its own Civil Aviation Department who manages Aviation activities. You must make sure here we are talking about only Civil Aviation industry not defense or military Flying. If you want to become a Fighter Pilot than the procedure is very different from that of a commercial Pilot

Before all that,  Why should you become a Professional Pilot ?
The possible reasons  may be
•    Passion
•    Glamour
•    Reputation
•    Career
•    Born Pilot [Childhood Desire]
Before you embark, it is most important that you get an assessment from your country's "Civil Aviation Department" about the recognition of the license you are hoping to get and the answers of following general questions like -

Is the License fully recognized by your civil Aviation when you return back home? Also read CAR [Civil Aviation Requirements] thoroughly.
What are the different types of Certificates?

•     PPL        Private Pilot License
•     CPL       Commercial Pilot License
•     IR          Instrument Rating
•     MEL     Multi Engine Land [Rating]
•     CFI       Chief Flying Instructor
•     ATPL   Airline Transport Pilot License

International Pilot Training Industry:
Aviation worldwide is a recurring market and the industry is affected predominantly by economics, politics and some part of the globe with acute terrorism etc. 9/11 had a negative impact on the entire Airline Industry across the globe while in other regions tourism sustained.
Not all Pilots choose an Airline career. There are many others as equally rewarding. Other areas available are crop spraying, Charter Flying, Flying for Air Ambulance or Medical Services etc.  Although we don't recommend it if you intend going the Airline route.
Remuneration is one difficult subject to generalize on as salaries vary extensively around the world. Crop spraying is renowned as being a well paid Job but this will be cyclically dependant on the seasons. Internationally, Salary of the Second Officer ranges between USD $ 600 per month to USD $ 1500 per month; First Officer USD $ 1000 per month to USD $ 3500 per month and for a Captain between USD $ 2000 per month to USD $ 8500 per month. The salary depends on the Airline you fly and the number of hours / years of service.
Normally the period of transition from a First Officer to a Captain is 3 to 10  Years. Small and developing countries like Nepal, Burma pay less Salaries and Countries like Africa, Canada and UK pay best Salaries in the world. In countries like India some of the Captains of small Charter Airlines gets less then USD $ 1500 per Month.
Few fortunate Pilots become Captain in   5 to 8 Years. Pilot salaries have drastically fallen down due to slowdown of economy and industry thriving in various parts of the world.
Due to Global Aviation Recession, Aviation Industry is going through a rough phase. But, with the economy growing consistently and increasing purchasing power of people across the Globe the International Aviation Industry is bound to grow. The importance of time over money is a key to making a transition from the railways to Airlines as a primary mode of transport.
Flying however is a universal skill and once you have a few thousand hours under the belt, the world is open with opportunities.
Take off is optional but landing is compulsory.
Best Of  Luck
Shekhar Gupta  
Shina Kalra  

Motivational Speech

Career Counselling Service for Class 10th
It is important to understand that choosing a Career is a continuous procedure and a student must choose a Career at every step of the way. Whether you are deciding a stream in class 11, whether you are contemplating what course to  pursue in college, whether you are deciding to pursue a post graduate degree,  or whether the student is planning on what Career profile to get into.
Therefore, one can follow the following steps to choose a Career:
In the first instance, Evaluate Your Capabilities.
· What are you good at?
· What are your strengths?
· What is your aptitude?
· What is it that you do that doesn’t require unnecessary additional effort
and you succeed in or perform that task quite naturally with much ease?
Career Counselling helps in a lot of ways, like:
Selecting suitable stream as per the student’s interest and capacity
Planning a Career growth map
College guidance
Admission Counselling and procedures
Overseas consultation
Personality development
If   you are not quite sure of your inherent strengths & capabilities, then it  is very important that you take an aptitude test and personality test to know your true potential.
Secondly, draw a flow chart of your academic qualifications and compare it  with the options available with you in the market. 
Third, match / connect your capabilities with your academic status. A person can choose from a myriad of Careers related to his/her stream. But not all of  these Careers will be the best fit Career for an individual. This is because  each Career option requires different aptitude and personality combinations.
That is why, it is important to connect one’s own capabilities with ones academic qualifications. This can be a little tricky as even though one may be  able to figure out one’s aptitude and personality through psychometric tests like aptitude testing and personality assessment, however, it becomes quite a task to match ones strength with the requirements of the hundreds of Career
options available in the market.
Each study field, whether it be Medical, Engineering, Arts, etc, is further segmented into 10’s if not 100’s of different subcategories. If that’s not  tough enough, a student has no tools at his / her disposal to guide him to make the right choice for their future.
Hence, Career Counselling is extremely helpful and MUST be taken seriously during a student’s school days.


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