Career after Graduation

Career after Graduation

If you had clarity in your mind about what do you want to pursue in life, you wouldn't have asked this question, so for people who don't have clarity in their mind about what they wanna do in their life you can possibly  Find a field you find interesting and improve your skills in it
Go for higher studies. It's always a good option.

Find a job that suits your profile annd start your Career

If you're not interested in corporate jobs or higher studies, you can prepare for Govt. jobs. Serve your nation If you're more interested in Business you can purse M.B.A or start a Busines

After Graduation, you have two options. First is to get a job and second is to do a PG Course. In the first option, you struggle to find a job and still get only around 2 Lacs p.a. When compared to more qualified colleagues, you will always lag behind the promotions queue. Once you are used to earning money, chances of going back to study mode are very low.

If you are going to do your PG by investing your time and money, the best expected returns come from an MBA Course.

Many MBA holders don’t get a job or they do small jobs after completing their degree (aspublished in many leading newspapers and magazines).

A better option is to go for Reverse MBA, which offers you placement before getting admission in MBA with minimum Rs. 5 to 12 lakh package p.a. Your Course begins only after you get placement. Reverse MBA makes a good post-Graduation option, so you get the best of both worlds.

Master degree not only bump your Salary but also gives you some additional time to explore areas of your interest.

One year job oriented Diploma(e.g Pg diploma in Data Analytics)

SSC and IBPS is hot choice among many Graduates

Work hard and appear for Civil Services Examination conducted every year by UPSC.

Many aspirants wish to launch their own startup right after Graduation my advice for them is to work with startup/BIG corporate house for atleast a year or two. It will not only make you financially stable but give you chance to build some network.

Move to some highly developed countries as their exchange rates are high you will get high conversion after few years but it takes lot of effort and guts to move an unknown country you are not familiar with.

Event Management is one such Career that attracts thousands of Graduate every year.

Post Graduate diploma in Mass and Media Communication

Digital Marketing Ninja’s are in high demand these days due to growing Internet Penetration and introduction of cheap mobiles

Becoming a youtuber is easy but it takes a whole team effort to produce videos and make money out of it.

Blogging is one such hot trends these days many of the people aspire to become a blogger but not able to continue till last. So you have to be very strategic while planning out one such blog.

Content Writer are in high demand due to high consumption of online content.

Master degree in computer science can help you to build a six figure Salary.

Learn to develop Websites, Web Developers are in high demand these days Environmentalist plays a major role in making policy regarding environment

Defense Forces looks for tough candidates and perks are really high.

Becoming a Pilot is no easy task as it requires time and money both

There are many more Careers awaiting for you. One needs to be very clear about his goals and If you are able to answer Why you wish to do that. Go for it

These are the Career Options after Graduation


Post Graduation Diploma in Management is a Management Course
Even colleges like IIM Offer PGDM
It runs by a autonomous college
Focuses on practical Knowledge and industry specified curriculum
Average Salary- 5 to 9 lakh
Highest Salary- 80 to 2 Crore


It is a Management Course
Colleges who offer MBA affiliated with a university
Curriculum is decided by university
Managemental skills in various specialisation as per student interest and also you will learn how can you make a Business successful
Average package - 4- 8 lakh
Highest Placement - upt0 60 lakh


You can do it after or Engineering
It is a technical Course
If you want a job in core field then it is a good option
Duration-2 year

Average Placement- 4 to 14 lakh
Highest Placement- upto 40 lakh

PGPM/PGDEMA/Hotel Management

It is a one year program
It is a management program


It is a management Course in the field of Event Management
if you want to do your Business in the field of event then it is a good option and also in terms of job perspective.

If you want to do make your Career in the field of Hotel Management then yoc go for this Course
Masters in same specialisation

Whatever Course you are pursuing you can do your masters in the same stream
Master in Journalism/media

If you have interest in the field of Journalism or media
You can do masters in media and journalism
Average Salary- 2 to 5 lakh

Highest Salary - upto 20 lakh

The Digital Marketing industry is at its peak at the moment due to many reasons, take a look at some of them:

1. Digital Marketing industry is booming not just in India but all parts of the world. The year 2016 took the industry by surprise with over 1.5 lakh job opportunities in the Digital Marketing.

2. Our Prime Minister has been actively promoting the idea of Digital India. PM Modi’s digital India campaign gained massive popularity. So in upcoming years everyone will be trading and promoting online.

3. The traditional media is getting overshadow because of the high engagement factors of digital marketing. The brands and companies have begun to give extra emphasis to the ad campaigns run on the internet over television ads.

4.Nowadays, companies looks for skills and not for degrees. They need potential candidates who can help to achieve the Business to fulfill their sales targets and generate leads. And in today’s trend Digital Marketers are considered as most appropriate marketing because it is easy to learn in lesser time and it is inexpensive.

Average Salary- 3 to 6 lakh
Highest Salary - upto 30 lakh

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