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Alfa Jungle Retreat And  Alfa Tours And Travels are 2  Blog Based Travel Start-Ups introduced by Ms.Vandika Lamba and Ms.Barkha Nagee, the two Jet Airways India Ltd Staffers from Delhi and Mumbai bases.  These 2 Start-Ups are Promoted and funded by an Indore based Aviation Start-Up AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd.  We have just started Our Venture with Resorts in Domestic sectors including Satpura, Bandhavgarh and Pench National Parks And Internation sectors like Nepal and many more going to be added soon. Also, We have tie-ups with Oyo Rooms for better Inventory.

About Us :
Alfa Jungle Retreat is a one-stop provider for all travel bookings for Our guests who wish to visit the national parks of India. We deal with exclusive Resorts across India with excellent customer satisfaction where we can send Our privileged guests who like to associate with wildlife, nature and national sanctuaries to make their stay more memorable. Alfa Jungle Retreat Booking Start-Up is committed to making a difference in the world whether its guests are on a trip, whether they are on business, on vacation or on a group Tour.
We, Alfa Tours and Travels, invite you to explore the wonder of Asia's forests.
Not only see the monuments of Asia, but also feel the living cultures of an old, vibrant vibrant civilization. Meet its welcoming, warm and diverse people. Witness the amazing rituals practiced during colorful village fairs and festivals. Explore its forest and see its fauna and flora. Experience its dignified simplicity and awe-inspiring enormity.
We offer a full range of travel services for the family and individual traveler, as well as arranging a wide range of rental cars, Tour groups, incentive programs, pilgrimage Tours, special interest Tours.
We assure fun and hassle-free holidays that Our guests will enjoy for years to come.

Vision Mission :
Vision - "The most reliable, respected and leading professional quality service provider DMC for Jungle Retreats ".
Mission: "To serve Our Guests with a travel experience by providing quality service to Our customers that address their Jungle Retreat and travel needs, through the most efficient arrangements so as to achieve customer loyalty, superior financial results and excellent customer satisfaction Can be done ".

Our Goal:
Our primary objective is to provide quality travel services to business and leisure travelers in one place. Supported by strong financial management, impressive customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, Alfa Tours & Travels has expanded to cover various aspects of the travel industry.

Our Role:
Our role is to maintain agent relations, customer relations and hotel relations, conversion of queries, follow-up, payments, social media marketing, maintaining brand value, hotel contracts with the best B2B rates.

Our Advantage:
Experienced Management Team.
In-depth knowledge of field trip requirements.
Widely and closely networked with the business, corporate and diplomatic community.
One-stop-shop to provide all services to guests and the traveling community.
An excellent relationship with national airlines, civil aviation, vendors and airport officials.

We identify Ourselves as leading, innovative and highly skilled and look forward to showcasing these qualities at the earliest possible opportunity.
If interested in joining hands with the Alfa Jungle Retreat booking start-up, we look forward to a positive response from your end. We are looking for only one Good Resort in Forest National Park.
This association will not only promote and promote the resorts but will also improve the pre-travel arrangements for Our guests.

Our Team :
Alfa Jungle Retreat   And Alfa Tour & Travels is a Team of Aviation and Travel Professionals with hands-on experience with over 10 years of Domain Expertise to provide prompt and professional attention to their guests.


1. Grishma Vijay [MBA] Head Of Human Resources, AirCrews Aviation(P) Ltd., Delhi
2. Vandika Lamba : Co-Founder of Alfa Jungle Retreat Ex Jet Airways employee., Delhi
3. Barkhaa Nagee :  Co-Founder of Alfa Jungle Retreat Ex Jet Airways employee., Mumbai
4. Shubham Bachane : Head Of Marketing, AirCrews Aviation (P) Ltd., Indore
5. Divya Pai : Manager HR AirCrews Aviation (P) Ltd., Manglore
6. Surbhi Sharma [MBA] : General Manager HR AirCrews Aviation (P) Ltd., USA
7. Capt  Shekhar Gupta : CEO AirCrews Aviation (P) Ltd., Indore

*Leisure Travel & Accomodation.
Alfa Jungle Retreat provides a complete leisure travel section. The main purpose of this is to serve the hidden and unexplored scenic beauty of our National Parks of India. Alfa Jungle Retreat takes pride in giving the customers a choice of their specific accommodation needs, no matter where – regionally, nationally, and internationally.

1. Alfa Jungle Retreat Madhai @satpura National Park, India

2. Alfa Jungle Retreat Bandhavgarh @Bandhavgarh National Park, India
3. Alfa Jungle Retreat Pench  @Pench National Park, India
4. Alfa Jungle Retreat  Chitwan @Chitwan  Nepal.

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#6 Months Certificate in Aviation And Travel Management

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#24 Months Diploma In  Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management

Travel Blogging Training
Travel Digital Mktg Training

Marketing Managers

Content Writers / Bloggers

Ever heard of a Travel Agency promoting and Encouraging Students to learn about thier National Parks , Wildlife and Eco System. Yes, Alfa Jungle Retreat promotes this kind of Study through Online competitions where students will take a part in Blog writing , Posters and Theme based Projects to make them understand practically. This competition is not only a physical and a practical study but also they get an oppurtunity to post their Projects and Blogs with the Student and the  School Name on the Social Network websites along with the exciting Prizes.


Female / Ladies Groups organised by Alfa Jungle Retreat.

School/ Colleges/ Youth Organisation Groups organised by Alfa Jungle Retreat.









We are coming up with following Books very soon

#51 Top Travel Destinations of India
#Most Popular Hotels in India
 [ By Editor's and Visitos's Choice]


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