Jyotishree Muduli

Jyotishree Muduli is a 19 year old girl in her final year of college  pursuing  b.com  (management hons)  from  ravenshaw university .  She is a very fun loving and creative girl . She spends her spare time mostly in singing , listening to musics and browsing to quora.com and youtube videos .
She also loves to play badminton .She is a die hard fan of Taylor Swift and Bruno mars . She also has her newly found interest in reading books . Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is the one person she admires the most . She is having a peculiar habit of knowing every trendy activities going around the world .

She also participated and got postions in various  singing competition in her university for the past two years . She also hosted her universities functions for the last two years and is  very socially active . She understands people a bit more than anyone
else . She loves to read and write in quora.com . Travelling is something she loves the most . She loves to interact with people from different places backgrounds , religion and their opinion towards life
. She is a keen observer and enjoys life differently . She finds  happiness in every small things . Elite stuffs is not something she
always thought off . She is a bit over emotional about everthing . She  is both introvert and extrovert depending upon the situation she is
going through . She is having a great control over her mind . She is a fighter and overcome all the obstacles with her simplicity and
positive attitude.

 Facebook :  https://facebook.com/jyotishree.muduli


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